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Conquering Xuyen Son Ho

To diversify the types of tourism and meet the increasing needs of visitors coming to the park Phong Nha Ke Bang, many destinations have been put into operation.
04.22.2012 Date online exploring the mysterious depths of the Phong Nha - Trans Son Ho has been open to visitors.
Car takes guests up to the Phong Nha cave entrance. Here visitors have 2 forms to conquer the mysterious depths of the Phong Nha: canoe or kayak.
Before departure, guests will be guided tours popular, recommended, using the equipment in the cave, the note of safety and health. Guests will also be allocated for dedicated equipment such as footwear, headgear flashlight, helmet, swimwear ...
 After you have finished preparing the equipment and visitors back canoe passes into action (practice kayaking in front of about 10 minutes, for tourists choose kayaking). Guests have the opportunity to contemplate
Phong Nha underground river threshold shimmering, magical under the lights be installed very subtle, the magic stone, colorful and made available to visitors. 1,200m pass the lighting system. Official dark areas appear, covering the whole cave, the cave becomes quiet, quiet to the extent we can feel the cool breeze running through. To ensure safe journey, Centre Travel Phong Nha - Ke Bang has installed a few strings to make sure to easily attach to go.
After the discovery of approximately 500m inside dark areas, kayak or boat will stay behind and along the way you'll pass the rocks, narrow paths and giant stalactites. Tourists are often slow down when passing through the first 100 meters, only to look at the shape of stalactites look inside how majestic.
Whatever goes on any time of the year, visitors can still feel the strong winds as winter in the heart of the cave. However, special features can be said so far is the strong erosion of the water has created on the cliffs inside the cave is multifaceted strange shapes, strange person who contemplates whether there most little imagination could devise.
After crossing the first 1km of darkness, the group will use the snack as a tourist center Phong Nha Ke Bang preparing to make warm air close, makes people more closely together. Next will enter the underground river again, but this time you'll have to swim in the cave. The water temperature is very pleasant and wonderful scenery. After swimming about 200 meters, will come to a sandy beach and from this point visitors will swim and walk on the beautiful sandy beaches, smooth and velvety. From this point, the water becomes more powerful and one of the tour guides will connect a wire from one point to another of the river and travelers will cross it.
Strangely, at this place, there is the cave suddenly points as wider, higher, like the dim light, space bureaucracy characterized son. Maybe because of this that he discovered earlier had called this place is the Huyen Khong.
In the cave, Xuyen Son Ho hundreds of square meters wide with water color blue short break was actually voyeuristic as tourists. Dotted as offline, such as the sides of the cave now, the lake is the stalactite makes Xuyen Son Ho more strange and mysterious.
After 2-4 hours, will reach the point of 4.5km. Here, visitors will be awarded by the lake Conquer and Explore Xuyen Son Phong Nha 4.500m.
Currently, conquering tour Xuyen Son Ho and Phong Nha 4.500m Explore held every day and each tour takes place within 5 or 6 hours.
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Tour : Conquering Xuyen Son Ho
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